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Having been involved in successfully heating churches and places of worship all over the UK for more than 28 years with our short wave radiant heaters, we were often asked about replacing old inefficient tubular heaters fitted to the bottom of the rear of a pew or under the seat. It was about 10 years ago that a heating advisor to a large Diocese, that often recommended our radiant heaters, noticed a panel convector heater in our literature that we supplied for use in conservatories, apartments, bedrooms etc in domestic situations. He found that it fitted neatly under the seat or pew and could be fixed with its lightweight bracket to the back of the pew or using feet to the floor. It produces warm air to the underside of the pew seat, which then disperses and drifts around the legs and body of the person seated in that pew.

Long pre-heating is not required therefore running costs are low. They are completely silent and are available in various wattage from 250W-1400W to suit all sizes of pews. Currently available in white with thermostat and on/off switch or in black with no controls. We are more than happy to come and visit your church and can offer a free, no obligation quotation.

church heatingchurch heatingchurch heating

Case Studies

church chandelier heating and lighting

St Margaret With St Nicholas Church, Kings Lynn

This very large medieval church has stood in the centre of the old town Kings Lynn from the 12th century. It is used daily and even has an internal café area for visitors. The old boiler system was inefficient and needed replacing.
church chandelier heating and lighting

St Simon’s Southsea

St Simon’s Southsea, Portsmouth, is a large church on the south coast. With a 12m high roof, heat loss was always going to be a problem. A number of companies were consulted of which we were one, contacted in early 2011.

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